Corporate / Desk Yoga

Corporate / Desk Yoga

Are Your Employees Stressed? Is achieving work life balance unrealistic for your employees?


Invest in Corporate Yoga for your staff!


Corporate yoga helps participants experience happiness at work and guides in preventing and managing eyes, neck, shoulder and back problems. It improves sitting postures, helps in vitalizing the body, and enhances awareness and concentration level which leads towards health of an individual and eventually the overall organizational health. The classes offer valuable guidance on adjusting and improving the personal working environment, utilizing the traveling time for happiness and peace.


Computer professionals, continuous work at desk, BPO employees and people who do not get opportunity to move the joint and muscles of body much will find office yoga a very useful class in releasing the tensions and stress of the physical, muscular and mental body.


Corporate yoga involves physical movements and stretches, Breathing practices, Relaxation, and Meditation techniques which are derived from some of the basic yogic techniques and underlying principles of yoga and are suitably applied to the need of the working life. Whether you have practiced yoga before or not the practices are simple, easy and fun to perform – most of which can be done sitting on the office chair.

  • Benefits

    • Tailor made yoga specifically for the employees needs

    • Relieves stress & anxiety

    • Increases positivity & morale

    • Increases energy & reduces fatigue

    • Improves concentration & focus

    • Lowers employee absenteeism

    • Relieves back pain

    • Team work & creates bonds with colleagues

  • Rates

    • R400         1-2 people (considered private) 
    • R850         Up to 10 people
    • R1,100.     Up to 20 people